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“The future is schematized, content-addressable, immutable data records. There is so much storage space available in consumer devices, nothing should ever be modified in place. Streams can be represented as sequences of records.” – Jonathan Rudenberg

Undo is the king of interface idioms. It enables strong actions with a single gesture throughout the interface … It makes users more willing to explore and experiment. – Jonathan Korman


Working on an ontology based computing project.

The popular user environments for intellectual work today are the Unix CLI, WIMP desktops, and browsers.

The Unix CLI is based around reading and mutating a hierarchical filesystem. WIMP environments are the same, except their non-application specific tools are less rich (for instance there’s no way to pipe or repeat commands). And browsers provide almost no standard environment at all because everything is left up to the individual webapp.

A modern user environment should break from these historical systems. Schema-ing, versioning, and sharing data are more useful primatives than Unix style mutation, and make a far stronger foundation to build on than the chaos of the web.




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